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Hygge your home this winter

In Denmark, Hygge (pronounced Hue-gah) is a word that best describes itself as ‘enjoying life’s simple pleasures.’ At this moment in time, we feel like it’s a concept that we all should adopt a little of! So, how can we make edits to our home to incorporate some of this Danish way of life?

When it comes to home interior, the main idea of hygge décor is to create a relaxing, peaceful and cosy space. Also one that is free of mess and clutter - giving space for relaxation and contentment. Imagine curling up on your sofa on a wintery day with a mug of hot chocolate, your favourite book and a roaring fire ahead of you – this is the epitome of hygge!

To help you add some hygge to your family home, here we offer a few useful tips to get you started…

Choose a neutral colour palette

A hygge colour palette is calm, unassuming and natural. There are no overwhelming splashes of fluorescent yellow or bright red, and there are no brash patterns or shapes. Every colour you add to your hygge home should contribute to an atmosphere of harmony and peace. Even in the artwork and photography you hang on the walls.

Using pastel colours on the floors, such as light grey carpets, washed wood or cream stone tiles will all contribute to a comfortable and calm space for you and your family to relax in.

Experiment with natural fabrics

The theme of hygge and the natural world go hand in hand. So, ditch the plastic and the synthetics, and opt for natural fabrics and materials that feel good and add to the earthiness.

Real wood flooring not only looks luxurious, but it also feels it underfoot. It is hard-wearing, easy to clean and also adds to a better acoustic vibe in the room. It’s a perfect addition to a hygge-style home. Jute carpets are also made from natural material and again work like a dream with this interior theme. They work well in low traffic areas of the home i.e. bedrooms, lounges and snugs. Jute also looks lovely with natural rugs layered over the top of it to maximise comfort and warmth.

Create cosiness with soft furnishings

Once you have established your neutral colour palette, it’s time to accessorise with texture, layers and warm materials. Think thick shagpile rugs and faux fur skins draped over chairs. Also, cosy heaps of cushions on soft velvet blankets all add to the snugness of hygge. Light up natural-based candles in wooden lanterns and bring in nature with fresh flowers and plants.

Beware not to go overboard with soft furnishings, however. Remember that less is more with this theme and that it’s important to still have lots of space to breathe and move around freely.

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